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“An investment in knowledge pays the best interest.” – Benjamin Franklin

Why choose Protean Training Services


Our clients come first in everything we do.


We listen to you and work with you to create and deliver bespoke products that meet your specific needs.


We have a diverse extended team of highly skilled trainers and subject matter experts.


We have some rare skill sets, such as trained hostage and crisis negotiators.


Your trainers and facilitators are personally selected by our founder to ensure they are the right people for your organisation.


Our core values guide everything we do.

Our Founder

Protean’s founder and lead trainer, Martin Edwards, is an award-winning trainer with over two decades of experience. He is a former police officer who also enjoyed a successful career as a hostage and crisis negotiator. Martin has international training experience, having deployed to a peace keeping mission for a year, where he led the training and quality assurance regime of some 1500 people.

Martin believes your employees are your biggest asset. Investing in training will enable them to achieve their full potential and generate significant benefits for your business.

Our Trainers

Protean has a diverse, extended team of highly skilled trainers and facilitators, with a wealth of experience and knowledge. We use trainers who have both expertise and operational hands-on experience in the course content to be delivered. We have trainers with both domestic and international experience and are happy to discuss your needs where ever you are located.

Delivery options

Face to Face

Protean can deliver training at your workplace, a venue of your choice, or we can source a venue that meets your requirements.


We understand your organisation may have colleagues based across a large geographical area or dispersed on a global scale. Virtual learning, using webinars enables us to reach your target audience wherever they are. We do limit the number of delegates on webinars, depending on the course, to ensure a high standard of training delivery and engagement. If virtual training is new to you, rest assured our trainers are very experienced at delivering engaging, interactive and stimulating workshops.

Train the Trainer

At Protean we understand you may prefer us to train your own team to deliver what we create for you. We are happy to offer our Train the Trainer service when your needs require this.

Trainer supply

If you simply need a high-quality trainer or facilitator to deliver your own training content, we can supply you with a suitable professional.

Training Courses

Protean provides bespoke training services across a broad spectrum of sectors and themes.

Unlike many training providers our courses are bespoke and not “off the shelf” ready-made products. You will not find a list of all the general details and benefits our courses bring, as we design and deliver the content specifically for you. The only exception is our exhilarating “Live hostage negotiation experience” team building event.

A flavour of what we offer:

Effective communication

Conflict resolution

Diversity and inclusion

“Live Hostage Negotiation Experience” team building event

Interviewing skills and the PEACE Model of Interviewing


Effective Communication


Have you considered the cost of avoiding vital conversations?


Would you like to make that impossible conversation possible?


How often have you heard people raise communication skills as a concern?


Do you need to improve your internal or customer facing communication?

Our effective communication courses are tailored to meet your specific needs, resolve organisational concerns you may have and meet your specific learning outcomes.

We do suggest incorporating into any communication learning product the unique skills of hostage and crisis negotiation. This teaches how to develop and use active listening skills, build empathy, rapport and trust. This will compliment any other training content required.

Conflict Resolution

Aspiring to provide a high quality of service within a culture of respect, care and excellence is a goal of most companies. However, things do not always go according to plan and businesses have to deal with customer and internal staff conflict at times. Other companies may be in the business of managing conflict and it’s their daily role to de-escalate situations.

Getting this area of business right can be essential for a happy, well-motivated and productive work force, or enhancing your customer relationships. It can also reduce the potential of reputational damage through failing internal or customer relations.

Our conflict resolution courses are tailored to meet your specific needs and we will teach you strategies to identify and reduce risk to achieve safer, more helpful outcomes.

Diversity and Inclusion

Treating people with respect and dignity is vitally important in the work place. Developing an understanding of diversity and inclusion is essential as the diversity of our communities grow. Our courses are tailor made for your needs, in this often misunderstood and undervalued area of professional relationships.

The trainers for these courses are incredibly motivational, will challenge your perceptions and often introduce inspiring personal accounts from their own experience. 

“Live Hostage Negotiation Experience” team building event

An intense and exhilarating few hours, where you take on the roles within a hostage and crisis negotiation cell, working as a team to secure the safe release of hostages in a “live” scenario, negotiating over the telephone.

This course is led and facilitated by our founder and former hostage and crisis negotiator Martin Edwards, and requires five delegates. The event is planned to be delivered over a 4-hour session.

This course has far more impact when delivered in person. We will work with you to ensure current Covid-19 safety guidelines are in place at your venue of choice.

Event content:

You will be taught “Active Listening Skills” and a “Communication Stairway”, used by hostage and crisis negotiators.

You will receive an operational briefing providing you with information and intelligence about a developing incident.

All delegates will be assigned specific roles, which are rotated as the scenario develops, so everyone gets the opportunity to experience every role.

All five delegates take it in turns to play the role of lead negotiator, trying to secure the safe release of the hostages.  The scenario will be paused, feedback given and then the scenario will progress with another delegate taking over the lead negotiator role.  This will continue until all delegates have performed all the roles and hopefully your hostages released!!

Martin will be on hand throughout to guide and advise you.

The event will conclude with group feedback

It sounds like great fun, but what are the benefits?


Improve your communication skills and understand the needs of effective communication in a team


Develop active listening skills


Raise your awareness of the importance of empathy and understanding your own emotions when managing conflict or difficult conversations


Illustrates the importance of planning your conversations and having conversational objectives


Learning how effective teamwork is essential to resolve problems

Interviewing skills and the PEACE Model of Interviewing

PEACE Model interviewing courses are for organisations and businesses that conduct either internal or external investigations and need a clear strategy for interviewing people concerned in those investigations. The skills these courses teach can be applied to how you manage and interview witnesses, victims, persons of concern or suspects.  These skills are used by Police Forces around the World and our courses are delivered by experienced former police officers.


The ongoing barrage of new legislation in most sectors is a challenge for you to ensure your staff are appropriately updated, well informed and trained. The consequences of failing to do this can be significant and lead to litigation, loss of income, business and reputation.

Our trainers have significant experience of delivering legislative change, so why not let us take on that onerous task for you.

Training Costs

Our bespoke courses are created and delivered according to your needs, so costs vary. We also consider the delegate numbers, the volume of trainers and skill set required.

The “Live Hostage Negotiation Experience” team building event is set by Protean for five delegates and costs £400 per delegate.

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