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Welcome to Protean Training Services.

As company employees start returning to the office whilst we adjust to life with Covid-19, have you considered the impact of pro-longed remote working on your teams relationships?

At Protean we believe remote working, whilst it has many benefits, can have a detrimental impact on professional relationships, in particular team work.  If you, like many companies feel an injection of team building activity would rejuvenate relationships and help reignite or develop employee team work, we have a great solution for you.

Proteans “Live Hostage Negotiation Experience” team building event is an intense and exhilarating few hours, where you take on the roles within a hostage and crisis negotiation cell, working as a team to secure the safe release of hostages in a “live” scenario.  The course is led and facilitated by our founder and former hostage and crisis negotiator Martin Edwards, and requires five delegates.  This is a highly interactive experience where all five delegates take it in turns to play the role of lead negotiator, trying to secure the safe release of the hostages.

It sounds like great fun, but what are the benefits?

Improve your communication skills and understand the needs of effective communication in a team.

Develop active listening skills.

Raise your awareness of the importance of empathy and understanding your own emotions when managing conflict or difficult conversations.

Illustrates the importance of planning your conversations and having conversational objectives.

Learning how effective teamwork is essential to resolve problems.

If you think this experience may benefit your organisation, drop us a line to discuss how to proceed or chat through any questions you have.